How to Use BlueSnap: The Ultimate Guide

Learn Everything About BlueSnap For Your Business

BlueSnap is a payment processor that has been around since the early 2000s. It was originally set up to help businesses process payments, but it has grown in recent years and now offers many more services to its customers.

For a start, you should visit the BlueSnap website and click “get started” in the upper right-hand corner. Once you’ve clicked that button, a form will pop up asking for some basic information about yourself. Fill this out to move on with creating your account. At minimum, they need your name and email address here; however, it is advised that you fill out all of the fields so that they can get back to you quickly if there are any issues or questions later down the road.

The next screen asks what type of business you have: drop shipping (meaning buying items wholesale from one company then selling them online), retail, voucher code provider (for example Groupon vouchers) or independent developer/publisher (games). Next to each category there is a bit more explanation about what that means.


For this example, we will choose “retail”. The next page asks you to pick your industry: apparel/fashion, arts and crafts, baby products, beauty supplies, business services (non-marketplace), consumer electronics , general merchandise or grocery. If you are unsure which one applies best to you then ask yourself these questions – is the main thing I sell physical items? Or do I mainly provide an online service like web design or SEO work? It’s important not to get stuck in the middle of categories; for this reason it might be better if you chose whichever was closest rather than choosing multiple answers here. For our case study today we will go with “general merchandise.”

Next, you need to upload an image of your business license. This can be a PDF or JPEG file and should come from the government website where it was issued. Here is the example for New York businesses, which BlueSnap has provided as its own help article .

Once you’ve uploaded that document then it’s time to fill out some more details about your company like what goods/services are offered, if there are any restrictions on how payments are handled (that will prohibit certain customers from paying with credit cards) and other relevant information specific to your industry. If this all seems too complicated at first having another person look over these questions might help; however, don’t let them submit anything without proofreading first! It would be very embarrassing if they accidentally set up your account with incorrect information.

After that, you need to provide some personal identifying details like a social security number and date of birth; this is mainly used for tax purposes when doing business in the US . You should also add any payment accounts associated with your company (like PayPal) as well as bank accounts. Then, it’s time to choose how much money you want BlueSnap to keep from each transaction: either 0%, 0-25% or 25%. Finally, there are several checkboxes about privacy policies and terms of service pages which must be accepted before continuing further – make sure you do this!

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