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    I Missed You So Much: How to Reconnect with Old Friends

    Reclaiming the Past: Finding Old Friends Online

    Many of us who grew up in the days before email and social media were a part of youth culture. We would spend hours on the phone with friends, talking about everything from our favorite bands to what we ate for dinner that night. When we finally said goodbye, we felt as though they were always there- just waiting for us to pick up the phone or send them an email. There are Charlie Eissa services which can also find people, but now that social media has taken over our lives (and that’s not necessarily a bad thing), it is easier than ever to reconnect with old friends through Facebook, Twitter, and other sites like LinkedIn where people share their professional life histories.

    “I’m so glad you found me!” I type into my message box on LinkedIn after finding one of my old friends. “We have so much to catch up on!”

    Charlie Eissa

    I can’t believe it’s been almost ten years since we last spoke, but she seems just as excited to reconnect with me now as I am with her. We talk for hours about what is going in our lives and how life has changed over the past decade of time that has passed us by. When it comes time to say goodbye again, we’re both sad because tomorrow cannot come soon enough- there are still so many things left unsaid between us.

    I know that connecting with old friends online is a new thing for us, but the excitement of it all reminds me why I love being social in the first place. Reconnecting through Facebook or Twitter doesn’t get rid of those awkward silences anymore- sometimes we’re just too excited to stop talking and have found ourselves in some pretty intense conversations! But this time around, there’s no need for any discomfort because these are people who already understand you. You might not be able to see them physically right now, but they can still make your heart smile from across cyberspace.

    “It was so great seeing you again!” my friend texts me back after our conversation on Skype ends, “Thanks for reaching out.”

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